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ADROIT6G at ETSI - Non-Terrestrial Networks, a Native Component of 6G

Dr. Carlos Guimarães from Siemens AG had the pleasure to attend and speak about the ADROIT6G project at the ETSI Conference on Non-Terrestrial Networks, where the project’s NTNs aspects were highlighted. The presentation (and poster) was included as part of the ‘EC FUNDED / CELTIC / SNS / OTHER RESEARCH PROJECTS’ session where it shared the stage with other ongoing NTN-related projects. This meeting had the participation of verticals, telco and vendors, and satellite operators and vendors, where their views were shared in their own dedicated sessions. It also acted as a validation of the current ADROIT6G research since many of its objectives seem to be aligned with many views of the envisioned future of a 6G NTN system.