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Generative Diffusion Models: Key Ideas, Current Practice and Research Challenges: Insights from seminar series on AI hosted by the Technology Innovation Institute in Abu Dhabi, March 2nd, 2023

We are delighted to present a summary of the tutorial titled “Generative Diffusion Models: Key Ideas, Current Practice, and Research Challenges,” delivered by Prof. Pietro Michiardi, Full Professor and Head of the Data Science Department at EURECOM. The tutorial was part of the seminar series on AI hosted by the Technology Innovation Institute (TII) in Abu Dhabi on March 2nd, 2023. Here, we provide an abstract of his presentation.


During the seminar series, Prof. Pietro Michiardi delved into a special class of generative models known as diffusion processes. He explored their applications and the challenges currently being addressed by the scientific community.
The tutorial commenced with an introduction to the generative modelling task, offering background information and presenting the essential tools required to comprehend diffusion processes. A comprehensive overview of the general topic of energy-based modelling was provided, showcasing example applications and emphasizing score-based generative models. The objective was not only to provide attendees with a theoretical understanding of score-based models but also to demystify them and suggest practical interpretations of these methods.
Concluding the talk, Prof. Michiardi presented the challenges we are currently addressing. These challenges include image data, multi-modality, and methodological advances that are required to improve the practical application of such exciting new methods.

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