Proofs of Concepts

ADROIT6G aims to define, validate and affirm reference network-level 6G Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key societal Value Indicators (KVIs) in extreme 6G UCs, thus setting the frontiers of 6G technology and bringing them one step closer for future exploitation.

The purpose of the PoCs is to validate the capabilities of both the 6G technology and representative UCs of vertical industries that require 6G performance capabilities, in lab environments over appropriate testbeds, to allow their technological readiness for commercial exploitation within 4-5 years after the end of the project. During the project, each PoC will deploy a layered testing practice to drive development, involving significant representative tests, verifications, and validations such as:

  • tests using specific UCs oriented for covering all service classes of specific vertical industries that are expected to be served by 6G technologies;
  • test, measurements, validation, and demonstration of the PoCs in lab settings.

The expected outcomes target low TRL (2-4) technology advancement as required for future 6G systems. This means, at most, “technology validated in lab”. Therefore, the UCs presented in the PoCs will generate experiments that will be proven in a combination of the testbeds and simulators and/or emulators.

Research will be performed with users rather than on users, and continuous improvements will be achieved through feedback from PoC roll-outs, providing the basis for information sharing, operation, learning and improvement. In addition, the applicability, performance, and viability of ADROIT6G’s technological solution will be validated across the following PoCs:

PoC 1: Immersive eXtended Reality (XR)
(Extreme eMBB)

PoC2: Industrial IoT
2a: Terrestrial 6G IIoT
2b: NTN (Extreme mMTC + NTN)

PoC 3: Collaborative robots (cobots) in construction (Extreme URLLC + extreme mMTC)​